Recent conference presentations

Gudat U. How real is Real World Evidence for a biosimilar really? Festival of Biologics 2022 - Terrapinn, 2-4th November 2022, Basel, Switzerland

Gudat U. Risk Management Plans for Biosimilars. Elite Events - Global Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Summit 2002, 27-28th April 2022, (Virtual). Conference moderator day 1 & 2

Gudat U. Effective Safety Communication – assuring trust and credibility. Lessons learned from Covid 19. Pharmacovigilance Europe Graviton, 11-12th May 2022, London, UK

Gudat U. Back to the future: bigger or better data in PV. 27th Pharmacovigilance 2022 – Virtue Insights, 23-24th February 2022, (Virtual).

Gudat U. Communicating Safety Safely. Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety 2021 – BioTech Pharma Summit, 29-30 November 2021, Porto, Portugal.

Gudat U. What does a signal signal? Pharmacovigilance World 2021, 23-24 November 2021 (Virtual) – Conference moderator day 1.

Gudat U. Are we really managing risks or just administrating risks. World Drug Safety Congress Europe 2021, 6-7 October 2021, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Gudat U. Real world Evidence for a Biosimilar: Really? Festival of Biologics 2020, 2-4 November 2020 (Virtual).

Gudat U. Back to the roots. PV a medical discipline. World Drug Safety Congress Europe 2020,  14-16 October 2020 (Virtual).

Gudat U. Neue PV-Datenquellen: Chancen und Risiken – mehr Quantität oder mehr Qualität?. 8. Jahrestagung Pharmacovigilanz, 14-15 September. 2020, Bonn, Germany (Virtual).

Gudat U. Co-Chair Session 2 “Watch this space in the near future” 13th Pharmacovigilance Conference - Medicines for Europe. 29 January 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gudat U. Orphan Drugs as Biosimilars – is there a future? World Biosimilar Congress, 15-16 October 2019 Basel, Switzerland.

Gudat U. Regulatory Experience on Biosimilar Safety. World Biosimilar Congress, 15-16 October 2019 Basel, Switzerland.

Gudat U. Arzneimittelsicherheit & Biosimilare. 7. Jahrestagung Pharmacovigilanz, 15-16 October. 2019, Cologne, Germany.

Gudat U. Assessing biosimilar safety: When not exactly the same is not different. 10-World Drug Safety Congress Europe 2019, 11 September Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gudat U. MENA Biosimilars Training. Post Marketing Surveillance of Biosimilars, Risk Management Plans – Originator and Biosimilar, 21-22 June 2019, Rabat, Morocco.

Gudat U. ISPE Mid Year Meeting 2019. Post-authorization activities for biosimilar medicines. (Representing Medicines for Europe), 6-9 April 2019, Rome, Italy.

Gudat U. 17th Biosimilar Medicines Conference - Session 5: Biosimilarity Demonstration & Regulatory Fitness for Purpose: Towards a tailored approach to comparative clinical trials. Panelist, 28-29 March 2019, Amsterdam.

Upcoming conference presentations

Gudat U. Effectively using Technology: AI and data analytics to improve pharmacovigilance. 11th Asia Pharmacovigilance Summit, 6-9th February 2023 (Virtual)

Gudat U. Patient related challenges in pharmacovigilance for risk minimization measures.  11th Asia Pharmacovigilance Summit, 6-9 February 2023 (Virtual)

Gudat U.  AI and implications of upskilling: consequences and challenges. World Drug Safety Congress Europe 2023, 4-5th October, Amsterdam, Netherlands