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Uwe Gudat, teaching, tutoring

Mentoring & Tutoring

Tap into decades of hands-on expertise in drug development and drug safety. 

Get access to a deep domain understanding acquired in Top 10 big-pharma, mid-size and start-up companies.

Benefit from reflected pragmatism to arrive at well-founded (externally consistent), well-reasoned (internally consistent) and well-supported (evidence-based) decisions and solutions.

Conference room, workshop, seminar

Workshops & Seminars

Capitalize on tailored workshops that resolve, clarify and consolidate.

Enjoy seminars that captivate, engage, and inspire. Sense enthusiasm in the audience that fuels learning and motivates to apply.

On-line learning, laptop

On-line learning

Commission tailored webinars or subscribe to ready-made high-end webinars.

Complement the off-the shelf webinars with one on one or small group follow-up sessions.

Experience a unique approach to "show and tell" that facilitates understanding and makes learning enjoyable.