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Educational activities

Drugsafetymedicine.com offers a selection of educational activities ranging from courses and trainings to individualized mentoring and tutoring on drug safety and pharmacovigilance.

To enable a pleasureable and effective learning experience the courses are designed to be engaging and entertaing as well as instructive and informative.

Enjoy teaching that captivates, and inspires. Sense an enthusiasm that fuels learning and motivates to apply.

Tap into decades of hands-on expertise in drug development and drug safety. Get access to a deep domain understanding acquired in Top 10 big-pharma, mid-size and start-up companies.

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During the life-cycle of a medicinal product situations pertaining to product safety may arise which are best managed by tapping into the collective expertise of an organisation.  Facilitation by an independent subject matter expert (SME) can materially contribute to efficiency and effectiveness of such an exercise.

Drugsafetymedicine.com offers a catalogue of situation specific semi-structured workshops and seminars to nagivate issues and tasks and reach consensus and alignment quickly. The added investment more than pays for itself in terms of progress made.

Benefit from reflected pragmatism to arrive at well-founded (externally consistent), well-reasoned (internally consistent) and well-supported (evidence-based) decisions and solutions.

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