Dr. med. Uwe Gudat

A medical doctor licensed in internal medicine, sub-specialised in metabolic disorders. 

After over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry I am currently Chief Medical Officer at Aretaeus sàrl a Geneva-based start-up drug discovery and development incubator.

With a passion for teaching and learning I also provide training for health-care professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn to teach - teach to learn

With drugsafetymedicine I am delving into the thinking behind the acting. Learning by imitation and by doing what we always have done are valuable and efficient techniques of competency transfer. However, when environments change and evolve we are forced to move beyond replication. Understanding the how and why provides a solid foundation for directed dynamic adaptation. In the practice of drug safety medicine what was good enough in the past will no longer suffice in the future. 

Finding the simplicity beyond complexity

The art of teaching involves describing what seems complicated in a way that it becomes intuitive and obvious. Images both literal and figurative provide a route by which experiences from other domains enable and facilitate learning. Analogies are powerful bridges to insight and understanding. Drawing on years of hands-on experience and a network of expert advisors I seek to create an environment where learning is a joy and clarity evolves naturally.

Photo Uwe Gudat